Purchasing of supplies and services

Purchasing of supplies and services

Dear suppliers and potential partners!

ASTON Group constantly work on improvement and optimization of business processes. One of the most important fields of our company’s activities are purchasing of goods, works and services. We are building relationship with suppliers on a fair and mutually beneficial basis.

You can find contact information and review general requirements for the partnership on this page. You may check the list of documents required to obtain, pursuant to the tax compliance, for the implementation of the due diligence guidelines.


Galaburdin Andrey Nikolaevich

+7 (863) 268-93-90,
add. 4207

Director of purchasing


Mikhaylov Ilya Aleksandrovich

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4232

Head of engineering purchasing (manufacture/fleet/agro)

Kraynov Vladislav Vyacheslavovich

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4214

Specialist in providing a transport fleet

Mikhaylova Ekaterina Sergeevna

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4283

Senior specialist of purchasing "Industrial and agricultural chemistry"

SHekhovtsova Irina Aleksandrovna

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4235

Senior specialist of purchasing "Industrial packaging"

Bondarenko Olga Vyacheslavovna

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4233

Senior specialist of purchasing "Construction and major repair"

Korobov Vladimir Anatolevich

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4267

Senior specialist of engineering purchasing for the fleet

Ryabukhin Sergey Mikhaylovich

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4234

Senior purchasing specialist

Ermolova Irina Nikolaevna

+7 (863) 261-85-09,
add. 4273

The purchasing coordinator

ASTON Group's requirements to potential suppliers:

  • A potential supplier should conduct its activities in accordance with the requirements of Russian and international legislation
  • The potential supplier must be registered as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur and carry out the actual activities on the claimed type of goods / works / services offered to them at least 1 year from the date of registration
  • A potential supplier should be ready to accept the standard form of the contract of the buyer / customer of ASTON Group for consideration and approval if it is proposed to him / her
  • The potential supplier should be ready to deliver the goods / works / services offered by him / her on deferred payment terms
  • The potential supplier should be ready to demonstrate, if necessary, its ability and practical ability to supply the offered goods / works / services, providing the conditions for conducting an audit at its own facilities by authorized representatives of ASTON Group

Standard list of documents required for provision for verification of potential partner for reliability:

  • Certified copies of constituent documents of the organization
  • Certified copies of certificates on registration and statement on the tax account
  • Copy of statement from the property received no later than 60 days before the date of submission of the package of documents
  • Copy of the decision of the authorized body on the appointment of the sole executive body and a copy of the order on the appointment of the chief accountant
  • Document confirming the authority of the person to sign documents on behalf of the organization
  • Copy of the balance sheet for the last reporting quarter of the current year with the mark of the tax authority on acceptance (form №1 accounting and form №2)
  • Copy of VAT Declaration for the last reporting period (if the organization is a VAT payer)
  • Reference 1-T (on the number of employees) for the past quarter*
  • Certified copy of the office lease agreement or certificate of ownership of the premises used for the office
  • Copy of the license (if the activity is licensed)
  • Official statement on the material and technical resources at the disposal of a potential supplier, which can ensure the fulfillment of obligations declared by a potential supplier on the proposed terms of delivery of goods / works / services*
  • List of organizations with contact details of clients that can confirm the possibility and practical ability to ensure the supply of goods / works / services ("Reference List»)*


  • The Asterisk symbol ( * ) indicates cases when the specified documents are not always required, but on a separate request. For example, for purchases with a potentially high cost (more than 500 000 rubles), construction or repair and construction work
  • In some specific cases, additional documents may be required

Purchases are also conducted on the basis of an electronic platform www.bidzaar.com