KPZ Novlyanskiy LLC

KPZ Novlyanskiy LLC

KPZ Novlyanskiy LLC is one of the oldest manufacturers of natural and quality food ingredients in Russia. Focused on small and medium businesses.
The volume of grain processing is more than 55 000 tons per year. Enterprise is actively developing, expanding the geography of sales. We are ready to offer convenient logistics for our partners. Supply of molasses are carried out: in bulk – in cars and railway tanks, in the packed form – metal barrels of 300 kg and cardboard-wound drums of 50 kg for molasses and syrups, big-bags and Kraft bags for starch and gluten.

Product range of KPZ Novlyanskiy LLC:

Contact information:
Drygina Natalia Aleksandrovna
Head of sales
Phone number: +7 (863) 261-87-49, add. 4152

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