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  • 19 December 2014

    ASTON Launching a Production Line for Vegetable-Oil Breaking.

    ASTON Vegetable Oil plant (in Morozovsk, Rostov Region) has completed a project connected with the installation of a production line for breaking vegetable oils.

    The production capacity of the decanter-equipped line for vegetable-oil breaking and clarification is 500 tons per day. The total cost of the installed equipment is estimated at one million US dollars. A line of this type is already working at the company’s plant in Millerovo, and according to Vadim Vikulov, ASTON’s CEO, it has already demonstrated its positive features. Both decanters are of the same functional type; however, the production line in Morozovsk is 200% more productive.

    A decanter is an innovative invention, which allows for the removal of most of the impurities from the oil before it passes into further refinement stages. For ASTON this project is important from an economic point of view, because it provides the opportunity to decrease the oil loss by about 1.5% during refinement.

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