Sunflower oil Zateya – BRAND №1 in RUSSIA-2018

Sunflower oil Zateya – BRAND №1 in RUSSIA-2018

20 November 2018

Sunflower oil Zateya – BRAND №1 in RUSSIA-2018

The winners of the annual National consumer trust award – BRAND №1 in Russia-2018 have been announced. In the category of "Sunflower oil" people's brand-winner became the brand Zateya.

In 2018 thousands of Russians across the country from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok voted for the best producers of goods and services. From September 24 to October 22, 2018, consumers expressed their attitude to various goods and services by filling in electronic media and social network Facebook open questionnaires and writing in them the names of the best brands. This year, the audience coverage on Facebook alone was 264 000 users.

The lists of brands for measuring consumer preferences were selected based on the data of the TGI / Marketing Index project – a syndicated marketing study of consumption of goods and services, media preferences and lifestyle of Russians. For the nomination of brands for the award in all-Russian publications and on the Internet was published a questionnaire "Mark №1 in Russia". The questionnaire included one open question: "Do you think the best?" and the listing of product categories. The names of the brands of products people put on their own – respectively, they are first reminded of the brand that they use and trust and are associated with higher quality of the product. The winner of the award is the brand that gets the most votes in its category by the results of voting.

ASTON thanks consumers for their votes and evaluation of the quality of sunflower oil Zateya and guarantees high standards of manufacture of its products.

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