Zateya Oliva oil

Composition: refined deodorized high oleic sunflower oil of Premium quality and olive oil EXTRA VIRGIN

Zateya Oliva – is a functional product for a healthy nutrition. It is vegetable oil – a mixture of Premium high-oleic sunflower oil with Extra Virgin olive oil. A selection of a high oleic sunflower (without any GMO) is widely used in Europe for a production of healthy foodstuffs. Zateya Oliva – is a complex of eicosanoic acids (unsaturated fatty acids) and vitamins furthering prophylaxis against diabetes and obesity, as well as cardiovascular and oncological diseases. OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6, OMEGA-9 in a composition of high oleic sunflower oil – are necessary components providing a normal metabolic and immunostimulatory activities. A fine taste and useful properties of the olive oil EXTRA VIRGIN are recognized by consumers of many countries in the world. Zateya Oliva oil is an obligatory component for a healthy and good nutrition of the entire family.

Затея OLIVA АСТОН_eng.jpg

Shelf life: 12 month.

Products are packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 1 L. Main characteristics:

  • bottle weight – 943 g (gross)
  • bottle size – 80*278 mm
  • number of bottles in the box – 15 pcs
  • box size – 285*406*246 mm
  • box weight – 14,6 kg
  • number of boxes in the pallet – 45 pcs
  • pallet size – 1200*800 mm

The rate of loading into the car: 1 395 boxes
The rate of loading into the wagon: 3 915 boxes

Color number, mg: Iodin - up to 3
Acid number, mg: KOH/g - not more than 0.2
Peroxide value: mmol of active oxygen - not more than 2