Fodder products

Fodder products

ASTON is producing and delivering in a possible short time the fodder products of the highest quality. Different technologies of agricultural production processing allow manufacturing of a wide range of final products, beginning from agricultural articles and up to foodstuff and food ingredients. To the agricultural articles belong fodder ingredients, fodder additives and full-value nutritional fodder for various branches of meat-and-dairy industry of agriculture. Multistep control system implemented in the enterprises of the Aston Company (ISO 2001, 9000, НАССР) allows delivering high quality products to the customers. Research work in the enterprises as well as cooperation with scientific & research institutes are providing a possibility to produce most modern types of feeds highly asked on the market.

The basic objective of corn grain processing is the complex of physical and chemical processes which allow dividing them into some components. To such components belong starch, corn gluten, germs and hulls of corn grains. Out of hulls of corn grains by addition of some corn-steep extract there can be received the high-quality protein corn fodders. The corn-steep extract is to be received by a diffusion of liquefiable proteins, part of fats, sugars, microelements of corn grains, in the framework of a process of corn grains wetting.

The corn fodder can be both an ingredient by a cattle foddering and a separate foddering product. By a cattle foddering for meat the corn fodder, because of its unique composition, can considerably further a build-up of body mass without any harmful consequences. By a cattle foddering for milk the milk yields can be increased by 20-25%, and the received product does not lose its useful properties, but quite the contrary - it becomes more useful and fatty.

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