Corporate policy

Corporate policy

ASTON is a company that provides stability and creates opportunities for career development, material well-being and professional development for its employees. Employees of ASTON - the most valuable asset!

The ability to rely on a highly qualified and professional team that strives for excellence is our most important asset. Working in ASTON means being part of a culture with many years of corporate values and commitment to society and the environment. We create a working environment that allows you to realize the potential, improve existing knowledge, skills and participate in interesting innovative projects on an international scale. We provide our employees with tools and opportunities for professional development: training, training, refresher courses, opportunities for self-education.

ASTON is proud of the team that was created for decades and currently has more than 3500 people! Loyal employees help the company to provide leadership positions in the market, which is why the concept of "loyalty and satisfaction" of the employee is key for us. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of ASTON's activities. The company promotes the development of regions of its presence, takes care of environmental protection, provides professional management of employee health and safety.

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The principles of corporate policy ASTON:

  • Development of employees. Our company provides opportunities for realization of professional and creative potential of each employee. We create all conditions for personal development, welcome the initiative and innovative proposals, new ideas and creative approach to solving problems.
  • Team and cooperation. Only with a team spirit and a common goal can we achieve a common goal. Therefore, we develop the principle of corporatism, interaction and cooperation within the company, maintain a benevolent atmosphere within the team.
  • Honesty, trust, integrity. In our work, we build on the basis of the principle of transparency, honesty and openness. Integrity to employees, contractors and the state is the Foundation of ASTON's functioning.
  • Professionalism. ASTON highly appreciates professionalism and implements this principle in all areas of its activities, we respect the leaders and specialists who are able to improve their skills, processes and the system as a whole. Our plants use the world experience and advanced technologies, strive for perfection in details.
  • Responsibility. We are responsible not only for each employee, but also for the state of the environment, so we use environmentally friendly technologies in production, paying special attention to the health and safety of employees.

The company fulfils all social obligations on remuneration and motivation of the personnel. Following the norms of the current Labor code of the Russian Federation, ASTON pays competitive wages, bonuses and bonuses, makes deductions of unified social and income taxes, enters into contracts of health insurance, pays sick leaves and periods of childcare, provides annual leave. ASTON cares about the health of its employees. In addition to compulsory health insurance, employees of the certain company's structural subdivisions can use the voluntary health insurance policy. And employees of large industrial branches of ASTON can seek advice and medical help in the first-aid posts organized in the territory of the enterprises.

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