Purchasing of raw materials

Purchasing of raw materials

Dear suppliers and potential partners!

One of the most important directions in activity of the ASTON is purchasing of raw materials (wheat, barley, corn, sunflower etc.). Our strategy is to develop relationships with our suppliers on the basis of mutual benefit and regard by offering:
  • best purchase price
  • convenient logistics
  • rapid acceptance of product at silos
  • transparent payment scheme
  • prompt settlement of accounts

Each area has a responsible manager, to whom you can address all your questions directly to the contacts below.

Please contact ASTON, we are always open to new business partners and effective long-term cooperation!


Lysenko Dmitriy Nikolaevich

+7 (863) 261-81-43,
add. 4143

Director of procurement
Velichko Roman Sergeevich

+7 (863) 261-85-01,
add. 4201

Head of Department of purchases of agricultural products

Department manager

Pismennyy Vladimir

Tsimlyanskiy area
Ust-Doneckiy area
Martynovskiy area
Belokalitvenskiy area
Bagaevskiy area
Veselovskiy area
Volgodonskoy area
Ulrikh Mark

Sholokhovskiy area
Chertkovskiy area
Verkhnedonskoy area
Bokovskiy area
Kasharskiy area
Milyutinskiy area
Millerovskiy area
Tarasovskiy area
Barabanshchikov Gennadiy

Rodionovo-Nesvetayskiy area
Oktyabrskiy area
Azovskiy area
Krasnosulinskiy area
Kamenskiy area
Aksayskiy area
Myasnikovskiy area
Matveevo-Kurganskiy area
Kuybyshevskiy area
Neklinovskiy area
Zubarev Roman

Egorlykskiy area
Zernogradskiy area
Peschanokopskiy area
Orlovskiy area
Kagalnickiy area
Tselinskiy area
Salskiy area
Proletarskiy area
Glukhov Anton

Konstantinovskiy area
Morozovskiy area
Sovetskiy area
Oblivskiy area
Tacinskiy area
Matveev Konstantin

Stavropol region
Erokhin Vladimir

Stavropol region
Garkavyy Aleksey

Volgograd region

Head of customer relations Department:

Arutyunov Sergey Valerievich
tel.: +7 (863) 261-85-00
e-mail: Arutyunov_S@aston.ru