AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture

AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture

In July 2018, one of the largest Russian companies for the production of food and food ingredients ASTON and the international agro-industrial Corporation Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) has launched a Joint Venture to provide Russian customers with high-quality starches and syrups. There are constantly working to expand the product line, increase production and introduction of modern energy-saving technologies.

Today, AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture, is a high-tech industrial giant, equipped with modern technology, which confidently occupies an honorable place in the TOP-3 largest enterprises in the starch and syrup industry of the Russian Federation. Particular attention is paid to quality control of products, which has earned recognition from well-known companies and associations. Our clients are the largest candy manufactures, canning factories, breadbaking factories, oil and fat productions and brewing plants.

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