A project of a new plant construction in the Orenburg region has been launched

A project of a new plant construction in the Orenburg region has been launched

07 June 2021

A project of a new plant construction in the Orenburg region has been launched

On June 4, 2021, during the International Economic Forum held in St. Petersburg, Mr. Vladimir Nedorezov – the Executive Director of JSC ASTON, and Mr. Denis Pasler – the Governor of the Orenburg region, have signed an agreement on construction of a new modern oilseed processing plant in the region.

«The Orenburg region is one of the leaders in sunflower harvesting in Russia. Its annual harvest is more than 1 million tons total. Less than a half of the foregoing harvest is processed within the region itself. Project of the new plant, which will be the largest one in Russia, will let the region process 100% of its harvested sunflower and it will let Orenburg farmers increase their income. There are going to be more than 500 places of work created for the natives of Orenburg. It is essential that it is going to be an internationally recognized modern and safe production. Oil production is also planned to be established here which will include production of flax oil, rapeseed oil and oil from other oilseeds», – emphasized by Mr. Denis Pasler.

«The Orenburg region is carrying on an active policy of attracting investments and support for the investors. We are happy to welcome here the team of real professionals who are profound at understanding the wide range of topics and requirements of the project. That is precisely why the Orenburg region was able to make the best proposal for the localization of our production», - noticed by Mr. Vladimir Nedorezov.

Later on the same day of the Forum, Mr. Vladimir Nedorezov and Mr. Shudong Lee – the Vice-President of the Chinese Myande Group Co., Ltd. have signed a contract for the supply of main technological equipment for the new plant with a capacity of 1 million tons of oilseeds per year in June 2022.

«A technically balanced line of equipment consists of the most advanced highly automated processes and up-to-date solutions and achievements of the global oil-extraction industry. All of this, including the advanced automation of the oil-extraction process, will provide us with the best results of electricity consumption, heat consumption. Moreover, it will provide us with the highest quality of oil in all respects», - reported by Mr. Vladimir Nedorezov.


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