High oleic sunflower oil

Composition: 100% of refined deodorized high oleic sunflower oil of Premium quality.

A basic feature of high oleic sunflower oil, favorably distinguishing it by comparison with traditional vegetable oils, is a high content of oleic acid. According to scientists of the All-Russia Scientific and Research Institute of Fats, this substance is an important element in a functional nutrition. As concerns a composition of fatty acids the high oleic sunflower oil under the ASTON brand is equivalent to olive oil. Comparing with a common sunflower oil the high oleic sunflower oil ASTON is 4 times more stable to oxidation and heating, has a higher point of smoke generation start (minimum 260 degrees), and therefore it is an ideal product for a roasting and fat-frying. During preparing of various dishes the ASTON oil gives to them an appetizing golden brown and provides a high quality of prepared food.

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Products are packed in pet bottles with a capacity of 1 L, 1.8 L, 5 L.
Shelf life: 18 month.

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The rate of loading into the car: 1 395 boxes.
The rate of loading into the wagon: 3 915 boxes.

Color number, mg: Iodin - up to 2
Acid number, mg: KOH/g - not more than 0,12
Peroxide value: mmol of active oxygen - not more than 1,30