Refined sunflower oil

Composition: 100% of refined deodorized sunflower oil of the first grade.

Production technology allows as much as possible to preserve all natural useful properties. The product has a high content of polyunsaturated (48.3-77.3%) and monounsaturated (14-44%) fatty acids. It does not contain any cholesterol. Natural amount of vitamin E is furthering reinforcement of immune and nervous systems, heightens vitality, and lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is an ideal product for salad dressing, roasting, baking, stewing and canning.

Светлица подсолнечное рафинированное АСТОН_eng.jpg

Products are packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 900 ml and 4.5 L.
Shelf life: 18 month.

Светлица ПРД eng.jpg

The rate of loading into the car: 1 395 boxes
The rate of loading into the wagon: 3 915 boxes

Color number, mg: Iodin - up to 2
Acid number, mg: KOH/g - not more than 0,12
Peroxide value: mmol of active oxygen - not more than 1,3