Volshebny kray oil

In February 2016 the Morozovsk branch of the ASTON JSC has started with production of bottled oil under the brand Volshebny kray. Contrary to the TM Zateya, the Volshebny kray oil is to be positioned in a middle price segment. This product is developed for a wide range of customers. Today under the brand Volshebny kray the Morozovsk branch produces refined deodorized sunflower oil.

Refined sunflower oil
Composition: 100% refined sunflower deodorized oil of the highest grade.

The quality of the Volshebny kray oil meets the requirements of the following standards and regulations:

  • State Standard 1129-2013 «Sunflower oil. Technical specifications».
  • Technical regulations of the customs Union 024/2011 "Technical regulations for fat-and-oil products".
  • Technical regulations of the customs Union 021/2011 "About safety of foodstuffs".
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