Corn oil

Composition: 100% of refined deodorized corn (maize) oil.

The corn oil Zatea is produced through the pressing of corn germs according to a soft technology of physical refinement which allows as much as possible to preserve all natural useful properties. Comparing with the sunflower oil the corn oil contains twice as much of vitamin E, has some attractive nutritious and therapeutic properties. It is an ideal product for a roasting and stewing of meat, fish and vegetables, it is not foaming and scorching

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Products are packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 1 L.

Shelf life: 18 month.

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The rate of loading into the car: 1 395 boxes

The rate of loading into the wagon: 3 915 boxes

Color number, mg: Iodin - up to 3
Acid number, mg: KOH/g - not more than 0.2
Peroxide value: mmol of active oxygen - not more than 4