Refined sunflower oils (filling)

Refined sunflower oils (filling)

ASTON offers refined sunflower oil by filling.

The products are manufactured by Morozovsk production complex, the capacity of which allows to produce more than 850 tons of refined vegetable oil per day.

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Oleic acid contained in refined sunflower oil is belongs to the number of indispensable fatty acids that enter the human organism only from food, so the consumption of vegetable oil is indispensable to human life. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are rich in refined sunflower oil, contribute to the construction of human organism cells, the synthesis of hormones, support of immunity. Refined sunflower oil provides elasticity to blood vessels, reduces the sensitivity of human organism to ultraviolet rays and radiation.

Such functional properties as increased resistance to oxidation under high temperatures, the presence of vitamin E, the absence of cholesterol, make refined sunflower oil necessary in the production of confectionery and margarine, milk food and ice cream, bread baking, preparing of snacks and other foodstuff articles.

ASTON delivers to Russian and foreign partners refined deodorized sunflower oil of Premium and first quality grades. Deliveries are carried out on the basis of "just-in-time" principle by lorries (beginning from 20 tons) and railway cars (beginning from 60 tons).

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