Glucose-fructose syrups

AKP,  ADM & Aston Joint Venture,  produces and delivers the glucose-fructose syrups according to the requirements of SТО (Standard of organization) 00343579-001-2010.

The glucose-fructose syrup is fabricated through a starch conversion with application of enzymatic preparations, is a natural sweetener and is destined for use in all branches of foodstuff industry as a sweetening agent, structure-forming agent and a source of fermentable sugars.

Basic quality properties of the glucose-fructose syrups:

    • sweetness identical to a saccharose sweetness
    • appropriate moisture absorption
    • strengthening of aroma of additives
    • appropriate bacterial stability
    • crystallization control

These properties are responsible for a wide application and usefulness of the glucose-fructose syrups practically in all branches of foodstuff industry.

GFS (glucose-fructose syrup) - 42  has a content as follows: fructose – 42%, glucose – 52%, oligosaccharides – 6%. According to its organoleptic and technological properties the GFS-42 is a full-value substitute of brown sugar and beet-root sugar.

GFS (glucose-fructose syrup) - 30 has a fructose content equal to 28-32% (customized fabrication).

GFS (glucose-fructose syrup) - 10 has a fructose content equal to 9-12%.

Depending on fructose content, sweetness and other properties of specific syrup type the glucose-fructose syrups can be used in following areas of application:

  • production of nonalcoholic beverages (carbonated beverages, fruit beverages, juices, nectars)
  • production of alcoholic beverages (bear, liqueur, vine)
  • production of bakery articles (bakery articles, sponge cakes, biscuits)
  • food-canning industry (fruit mixes, jams, canned vegetables, sauces, ketchups)
  • dairy industry (cultured milk foods)
  • chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries (lactic acid, acetic acid, amino-acids, enzymes)

Package, transportation and storage of the glucose-fructose syrups are carried out according to the requirements of STO (Standard of organization) 00343579-001-2010. Delivery of each lot is accompanied by the following documents: compliance declaration, quality certificate of manufacturing factory, documentation according to the requirements of effective legislation of the Russian Federation. 

Deliveries of the glucose-fructose syrups are carried out as follows:

  • by filling, with specialized isothermal tank lorries in 20 ton lots
  • in package, in metal barrels (each 280 kg) with polypropylene insert

For cooperation please contact AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture (ASTON Krahmalo-Producty LLC).