Cationic corn starch. Grade B-135

Cationic corn starch. Grade B-135

Cationic corn starch grade B-135 is used as an additive for “wet part” of paper-making machine by production of paper and cardboard for a heightening of mechanical strength.

Main characteristic:

  • hot preparation method
  • white powder
  • no foreign smell
  • humidity - no more than 15%
  • nitrogen content 0,32-0,34 %
  • pH 6-8
  • degree of substitution 0,034-0,036

Storage: 1 year in a closed package in a cool and dry place.
Package: 25 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg.
Dosage: 4 - 12 kg/t paper, cardboard (in relation to a marketable product) for addition in a pulp.

Not harmful for health by common and industrial application. Can be used by production of foodstuff package in accordance with the requirements of the Sanitary regulations and standards

Prepared with fresh water. Heated with constant stirring to a temperature of 90-95 °C. Holding time at this temperature is not less than 15 minutes. Can be prepared in the equipment for continuous cooking at a temperature of 120-130 °C. Recommended concentration of prepared starch for adding to the mass-1-2. 5% depending on the production conditions and purpose of use.