Oxidized starch for paper industry OXYRYAZAN 200

Oxidized starch for paper industry OXYRYAZAN 200

Oxidized starch for paper industry OXYRYAZAN 200 is used for surface sizing of paper and paperboard at the size press machine for increasing the mechanical strength, including the strength of the surface, and also as a bonding additive in the manufacture of drywall.

Manufactured according to TC (technical conditions) 9187-003-00343579-2007.
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion №62РЦ03918П0001430407 from 12.04.2007.

Main characteristic:

  • low-viscosity corn starch of the hot method of preparation, subjected to hydrolytic oxidation
  • white homogeneous powder with a grayish tinge
  • no foreign smell
  • humidity - no more than 14%
  • conditional viscosity on VZ-4 is not more than 30c at 60 °C for 6% aqueous solution (in relation to a marketable product)
  • pH 5,5-7,5

Storage: 2 year in a closed package in a cool and dry place.
Package: paper bags of 25 kg on pallets, polypropylene bags of 30 kg, soft containers of "big-bag" type of 500 kg and 1000 kg.
Dosage: consumption depends on the capabilities of the equipment and the purpose of the starch .

Harmless for industrial use. Recommended for use in the production of materials for packaging and printing, including for packaging food in accordance with  the requirements of the Sanitary regulations and standards Produced without the use of chlorine-containing reagents.

Prepared on fresh water in periodic or continuous manner. In a periodic method, the starch suspension concentration of 6-10% is heated by a sharp or deaf steam to a temperature of 90-95 °C and is kept at a given temperature for 10-20 minutes with stirring. In a continuous process, the starch suspension is boiled at a temperature of 120-135 °C at a concentration of up to 20%. After cooking, the starch solution can be diluted to the required working concentration.