Starch glucose syrup

AKP,  ADM & Aston Joint Venture,  produces and delivers wide range of the starch glucose syrups according to the requirements of GOST 33917-2016 “Starch glucose syrup. Technical specifications”, as well as according to individual specifications of the Customers.

Starch syrup is a purified and concentrated product obtained as a result of the processing of starch from corn.

Starch syrup is widely used in the food industry and cooking as a thickener and sweetener. The production of starch syrup occurs through enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch with subsequent purification.

Depending on production technology, starch syrup has a different carbohydrate composition: glucose, maltose, maltotriose, and other sugars. Customer-oriented AKP allows to produce molasses according to individual specifications of the Customer, different with technological and consumer properties:
  • low-conversion glucose syrup
  • confectionery acidic glucose syrup
  • confectionery enzymatic glucose syrup
  • maltose glucose syrup
  • malt extract
  • high-conversion glucose syrup
  • high-glucose

The low-conversion glucose syrup is a product of a limited starch hydrolysis with the content of reducing substances (including dextrose equivalent) equal to 26-35%. The low-conversion glucose syrup is to be characterized by a high viscosity, by a binding capability and anti-crystallization ability, by a low sweetness.
The low-conversion glucose syrup can be applied in a confectionery production as an anti-crystallization agent, sweetness regulator, binding agent and foaming agent. Low glucose content allows reducing a hygroscopicity of confectionery articles and heightening their shelf life and that is especially important for boiled sweets. Appropriate binding properties of the low-conversion glucose syrup allow using it rather efficiently in a construction industry instead of phenol-formaldehyde resins by a forming of some types of construction materials.

The starch confectionery glucose syrup (glucose maltose syrup), with the content of reducing substances equal to 36-44%, has an optimal viscosity and is most widely used in a confectionery production (as a basic raw material type, along with a sugar) as a sweetness agent, anti-crystallization agent of confectionery articles. Dextrose syrups make the basis of production of all kinds of confectionery articles. Without application of glucose syrup it is impossible to produce fondant and icing, marshmallow and marshmallow sticks, fruit jelly and halvah, nougat and many other articles. The confectionery glucose syrup is widely used in production of ice cream and its desserts as a regulator of sweetness, of   freezing and thawing points, it prevents crystallization of a saccharose. Namely the confectionery glucose syrup is able to improve commercial quality of ice cream. Because of a balance of sugars composition the confectionery glucose syrup is universal in application, and therefore it is used in a bread bakery, as well as in restaurants and small businesses for fabrication of cakes, rolls, baked goods, original customized confectionery articles.

The content of a maltose in the starch maltose glucose syrup (maltose syrup) as a basic component is equal to 30-70%. It is used for two basic purposes:

  • for a production of caramel of premium quality with an improved chromaticity (color index) and transparency, and for a shelf life increase, as well as for application by a fabrication of dietetic confectionery articles
  • as a source of fermentable sugars by a production of fermented beverages, such as bier, kvass. The application of the maltose glucose syrup positively influences the production efficiency because of increase of a wort extractivity and finished product yield

The starch high-conversion glucose syrup, with the content of reducing substances equal to 45% and that of glucose - more than 30%, has a heightened sweetness and reduced viscosity comparing with other types of glucose syrup. These properties are responsible for its application in the production of soft confectionery fillings, jams, toppings, sauces and ketchups.
Some sorts of the high-conversion glucose syrup with a high content of reducing substances can be used in construction industry.

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