Dry corn gluten – valuable product made in the framework of processing of corn for starch and glucose syrup.

As concerns a caloric value the corn gluten is second best after animal and vegetable fats; it contains more than 60% of crude protein. The protein of the corn gluten contains a big amount of indispensable amino-acids and is the best source of methionine, beta-carotene (provitamin A), xanthophyll, threonine, tryptophan, calcium, phosphorus and sodium, as well as contains a reach complex of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins Е, В1, В2, В3, В4, В5, В6.

As concerns energy content - 1 kg of gluten is equal to 7 kg of corn, and as concerns protein content - 1 kg of gluten is equal to 1 kg of fish-meal. Comparing with a soybean meal the content of exchangeable (metabolizable) energy of the corn gluten is by 36% higher; the content of protein - by 28% higher; the content of linoleic acid – 4 times higher.

Gluten has a simple protein form and can be easily adopted by organism of animals and birds furthering a build-up of body mass without any harmful consequences. Subject to a due cleaning the corn protein, gluten, can be also used by fabrication of special nutrition for athletes.

Dry corn gluten is applied in world praxis as follows:

    • as a valuable component of a corn fodder
    • as a protein additive in the nutrition diet for farming animals and birds
    • as a protein & vitamin additive and a filler for premixes
    • in production of mixed fodders.

The product meets the requirements of GOST Р 55489-2013.

Shelf life: not more than 6 months.
Storage requirements: this product is to be kept under the temperature not exceeding +35°С in closed warehouse rooms.

The product passes a hard quality control, is accompanied by Quality certificate and other documentation according to the requirements of effective legislation.

The deliveries are carried out in bulk or in big-bags (each 1.000 kg) by lorries, railway cars or special motor transportation means.

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