Dry corn fodder

AKP,  ADM & Aston Joint Venture, offers dry corn fodder (dry gluten fodder).

For a production of a dry gluten fodder there are used by-products of a corn processing: vegetable pulp and boiled-down extract. An analysis of components composition shows that their use as a fodder for a stock-raising is a promising thing because they can be used as a source of indispensable amino-acids, microelements and carbohydrates. And, besides, as concerns its energy value the gluten fodder is near to a cereal grain and has fodder unit equal to 1.15 kg and exchangeable (metabolizable) energy equal to 11.9 megajoule. It is caused by a high digestibility of vegetable pulp and extract. The nutritional value for cattle of the gluten fodder protein is equal to 71-82% of the nutritional value of the soybean meal protein, and its splittability is by 19% higher comparing with such one of the soybean meal protein.

The corn fodder can be both an ingredient by a cattle foddering and a separate foddering product. By a cattle foddering for meat the corn fodder, because of its unique composition, can considerably further a build-up of body mass without any harmful consequences.

By cattle foddering for milk the milk yields can be increased by 20-25%, and the received product does not lose its useful properties, but quite the contrary - it becomes more useful and fatty.

The product meets the requirements of the Technical specification (TS) 9189-073-00334735-2001.

It is accompanied by Compliance declaration, Veterinary certificate and Sanitary and epidemiological inspection report.

The deliveries are carried out in bulk or in polypropylene bags (each 50 kg) and big-bags (each 1.000 kg) by lorries, railway cars or special motor transportation means.

For cooperation please contact AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture (ASTON Krahmalo-Producty LLC).