Corn germs

Corn germs of wet separation method – valuable fodder product, which contains mainly energy and physiologically useful substances.

The corn germs separated by a processing of corn grains are valuable raw material for a production of a corn oil and can be also used as a part in the mixed fodder for a stock-raising. The corn germs contain in the first line the substances which are energetically and physiologically useful.

The use of the corn germs is caused by their unique chemical composition, as follows (in % of dry substances of the grain):

    • protein – 14-15%
    • fat – 45-53%
    • dietary fiber – 12-14%
    • pentosans – 4,3%
    • water soluble carbohydrates – 9,4%

In the fat of the corn germs there are contained up to 86% of unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid, oleic acid and other) and 14% of saturated acids.
The protein of the corn germs contains indispensable amino-acids: lysine –11%, phenylalanine – 7,9%, arginine – 18,4%, leucine – 14,9%, methionine – 3,0%, isoleucine – 8,1% and other. In the fat of the corn germs there is contained a big amount of vitamin E (up to 230 mg/%) which is an antioxidant.

Shelf life: 2 months from the date of fabrication.
Storage requirements: storage is carried out at a relative humidity of 85%, a temperature of 25°C.

As concerns the safety indicators the corn germs meet the requirements of the SanPiN (Sanitary regulations and standards) “Hygienic requirements of safety and nutritive value of foodstuff”.
The product meets the requirements of the Technical specification (ТS) 10.62.20-137-00334735-2017 and is accompanied by Compliance declaration and Veterinary certificate.

The deliveries are carried out in bulk or in big-bags (each 1.000 kg) by lorries, railway cars or special motor transportation means.

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