ASTON offers lecithin – blend of natural substances on the basis of phospholipids to be extracted by physical methods out of unrefined sunflower oil in the framework of hydration and subsequent vacuum drying. This product is produced on the Millerovo branch of the ASTON JSC (Rostov region, Millerovo).

The lecithin is many years known as an additive to nutrition useful for the health. In its content there are polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as phosphorus, being indispensable to the life as transportation means for the cells of all living organisms. The sunflower lecithin is applied as a high-performance food additive (Е322) furthering emulsifying, dispersing and other rheological properties of various foodstuff articles, as well as in function of an antioxidant. It is also used as an additive for a fodder of farmer animals and for some technical tasks.

Basic quality properties of the lecithin:

    • Mass fraction of substances insoluble in acetone – not less than 60%
    • Mass fraction of substances insoluble in hexane – not more than 2%
    • Color value, in 10% hexane solution, in iodine mg: not more than 80
    • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances - not more than 3%
    • Acid value, in mg КОН/g - not more than 36
    • Peroxide value, in mol of active oxygen / kg: not more than 25
    • Shelf life: not less than 12 months

Package: fiber (cardboard) drums with a polyethylene insert / filling.    

Storage requirements: this product can be kept in thoroughly cleaned, closed metallic tanks, protected against impact of direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

The product passes a hard quality control and meets the requirements of the SТО (Standard of organization) 86278130-006-2011, is accompanied by Quality certificate.

The deliveries are carried out by lorries.

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Tel.: +7 863 261-81-17, 261-81-22 (add. 4111).