Rape seed meal

ASTON offers the granulated rape seed meal from the Millerovo branch of the ASTON JSC (Rostov region, Millerovo).

The seed meal is a by-product to be received in the framework of production of vegetable oils after pressing and extraction of seeds of oil plants. Pressing is a process where there an oil is pressed out of seeds of oil plants. Extraction is a separation of rest oil with the help of organic solvents after pressing of seeds. As a result after the pressing, the content of rest oil in the seed meal is on the level of 4%. It is a valuable fodder containing 30-43% of crude protein, amino-acids, methionine, which are favorably influencing the underbrush growth. It is indispensable as a high-protein additive by a production of mixed fodders for a poultry keeping and cattle raising.
It contains vitamins E and B, dietary fiber, natural protein, potassium, phosphorus, and other mineral substances.

The energy value of rape seed meal is not lower than by a sunflower seed meal, and the content of phosphorus, calcium, copper and magnesium of this product is higher than by a soybean meal. The rape seed meal contains riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine, natural antioxidants, tocopherol (vitamin E), and phenol compounds.

Key quality indicators:

  • Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances – 8-12%
  • The mass fraction of crude protein in terms of dia. substance – not less than 38%
  • The mass fraction of crude fiber in terms of dia. substance – not more than 16%
  • The mass fraction of crude fat in terms of dia. substance – 4%
  • The total energy of the nutritional value not less than 0,6 k.ed.
  • Shelf life: 3 months from the date of manufacture
  • Density of granulated rapeseed meal – 650-720 kg/m3

Package: in bulk

Storage requirements: this product is to be kept in clean, dry and good ventilated rooms, or in the rooms equipped with influx-and-extract ventilation, protected against impact of direct sunlight, heat and moisture, and not infected by bread inventory vermins.

Products pass strict quality control. Rapeseed meal is certified and corresponds to STO (Standard of organization) of manufacturer "Rapeseed Meal. Technical conditions". Accompanied by veterinary certificate, quarantine certificate, certificate of conformity and quality certificate. Rapeseed meal is used for feed purposes for birds, all kinds of agricultural animals. The exact amount of meal in the diet of the animal should be determined by a specialist.

The deliveries are carried out by lorries (beginning from 15 tons) and railway cars (beginning from 45 tons).

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