Grain mixtures

AKP,  ADM & Aston Joint Venture, offers grain mixtures of corn grains and ears.

The grain mixture is a waste product of corn grain separation. It consists mainly of crushed corn grains and partially (1-2%) of pieces of ear shanks, what substantially heightens its adaptation and positively influences a digestion of animals.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of fabrication.
Storage requirements: this product is to be kept under the relative air humidity not more than 12% in closed warehouse rooms.

The product meets the requirements of the Technical specifications (TS) 9189-073-00334735-2001.

The deliveries are carried out in bulk or in big-bags (each 1000 kg) by lorries, railway cars or special motor transportation means.

For cooperation please contact AKP, ADM & Aston Joint Venture (ASTON Krahmalo-Producty LLC).