The ASTON Company invests considerable resources in development of agriculture and food industry in the Russian Federation by expanding of production capacities and implementing of technological solutions which allow to heighten the energy- and resources-efficiency of enterprises, and to reduce the impact on the environment, as well as to preserve the natural resources.

The ASTON is cultivating all basic agriculture cultures which are basic row material for a production and export of own products, and namely: winter wheat and spring wheat, maize, sunflower, barley, pea and so on, by a redistributing of the fields under crops in the favor of more productive cultures. And the harvests, which receives the ASTON, are substantially higher than the middle harvests in the Rostov Region. A strategic disposition of the assets does provide the best platform in the respective class of platforms for a cultivating of agricultural cultures in the Russian Federation.


The ASTON has the subdivisions as follows:

  • The ASTON JSC – terminal on the Don River, transshipment of more than 20 thousand tons of crops daily. Capacity for a one-time storage of crops - 100 thousand tons, of vegetable oils - 17 thousand tons.
  • Millerovsky branch of the ASTON JSC – plant for production of vegetable oils with a production capacity of 1200 thousand tons daily.
  • Morozovsky branch of the ASTON JSC – plant for production of refined vegetable oil with a bottling capacity of up to 1 million of bottles daily.
  • Konstantinovsky branch of the ASTON JSC – grain / crops elevator complex with a storage capacity of 17 thousand tons located on the shore of the Don River.
  • Trubeckoy branch of the ASTON JSC – grain /crops elevator complex with a storage capacity of 66 thousand tons.
  • Glubokinsky branch of the ASTON JSC – grain / crops elevator complex with a storage capacity of 55 thousand tons.

In the framework of the group of companies there are 6 agricultural enterprises with a total land area of 38,284.3 ha, and namely:
1. Bio Farm LLC
2. Zaozerskoye OJSC
4. Niva CJSC
5. Yubileynoe LLC
6. Krutoyarskoe LLC


All enterprises are located in a zone of processing plants and grain elevators. Crops are a raw material for a production of a vegetable oil, and by having of 8 grain / crops elevators with a total capacity of one-time storage of 660,000 tons the Company can process and store the crops during a whole year. Development and implementation of special agricultural programs in the Region gives the possibility to realize the surplus agricultural products for export.


High productive machinery

The stock of agricultural machinery embraces 762 units and is permanently supplemented by high tech wide-coverage machines of Russian and world manufacturers. In the fields there are applied modern technologies of cultivating of agricultural cultures on the basis of using of newest techniques. All machines are equipped with tractor-drawn and attached equipment which can completely take up the power of motor of tractor or combine and allow to work across a highest broad operation front.


For export of products, please contact ASTON FFI (Suisse).
Tel: + 41 21 508 39 80.