Dear suppliers!

The ASTON company wholesale purchases agricultural products: wheat, barley, maize, sunflower etc. We work with major manufacturers and small private farms. The advantages of our work – a long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms, fast payment for goods with a minimum package of documents. Transactions are carried out on the basis of the principles of transparency and responsibility in the framework of the conditions imposed by the legislation. Our managers are always ready to advise you on the available issues.

Please note that since 01.01.2019 Suppliers, who are not farmers, necessarily specify your shipper, which must be a farmer. Each shipper is registered in the contract. In TTN SP-31 in the column "Consignor", the agricultural producer is specified, the press on TTN puts it.

Since 11.07.2018, the electronic queue system has been operating at the terminal of ASTON JSC in Rostov-on-don. All questions related to the operation of the system can be asked by phone +7 928 621 26 38. E-mail:

Download instruction for the system of electronic queue

In order to supply your products to ASTON company, you need:

1. Send the application form and documents required for the conclusion of the contract to the e-mail The form of the application and the list of documents for organizations of various forms of ownership and type of taxation are given on the links below:

Legal entity with VAT – farmer
Legal entity without VAT – agricultural producer
IE with VAT – agricultural producer
IE without VAT – agricultural producer
IE without VAT – not an agricultural producer
Legal entity with VAT -–not an agricultural producer
Legal entity without VAT – not an agricultural producer

2. Sign the contract at the address: 12th floor, 91, Suvorova str., BC "League of Nations", Rostov-on-don, Russia.

Next is the standard scheme:

  • Delivery of agricultural products to the elevator. The elevator takes products around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Regular provision of a report on the shipment and a full package of shipping documents to the supplier by e-mail.
  • Payment of 100% of the amount is made on the same or the next business day after receiving the scanned signed documents from the supplier by e-mail..

All paper copies of the documents must be certified by the seal of supplier.
Schedule of work of ASTON JSC: from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.